Terrigal Surf Cafe

This was found on Facebook posted by a Friend of a Friend. Sadly an all to common experience.

I find that throughout the week these places can be quite friendly but on weekends they are often rude and insensitive, often expressing an open dislike to the paying customer. This one is a particularly shameful. 

These places are reliant on us for their very survival so there is a lot we can do to lift the standard of service, which should always be polite and welcoming. This is my small contribution.... 

From now on, for what its worth these comments will go up on my website. And we can at least have a chance to vote with our feet. If any one has any comments to include please send them. Read on:

"Had the most horrendous morning, my 84 year old father wanted to come to Terrigal Beach and have coffee while we walked Jacques and when we returned the owner of the Terrigal Surf Cafe came out and screamed abuse at us for leaving him there as its bad for business, he is too old to be left alone and they are not a respite centre plus he doesn't appreciate an old man sitting there with a concentrator for breathing. How unbelievable my dad loved going there, requested to come with us so he would have breakfast and a couple of coffees as his social morning. He met friends there. We actually tried to encourage him not to go there as we saw the owner muffle at him to "F off" on another occasion although just wrote that off he was having a bad day. We have spent many dollars $$$$ there and never would have expected to be told never go there again. Wow the elderly are treated very poorly. So being old you should stay home. I am stunned my dad is so upset now."