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Now you know I can’t resist a hot sunny day, slight breeze and vivid colour everywhere. Well it was one of those days. I was out by midday and just had to check out my researched real-estate contestants before detouring along Port Kembla Beach. And there it was in all its glory.  

Port Kembla Beach

Port Kembla Beach looking South

Cucumber coloured still ocean, very few waves but clarity galore. I just can’t get over how clean Port Kembla Beach is now. Long ago they capped the outflow of all the rubbish that was entering the sea and ever since it has been like crystal.

My magic mask was screaming at me from the back seat of the landcruiser, so having scratched my real-estate itch I procured one of those lucky car parks on the hill overlooking this wonderland. Because the ocean was so crystal clear I fully checked it out for dangerous creatures but No seaweed, no bluebottles, no sharks – all good.


Port Kembla Beach North

Straight down onto the sand among the Sunday beach loving crowd, claimed my piece of sand near the waters edge, a quick change into the cozzie, mask and flippers in hand and underwater camera around my neck and I’m in.
Today is definitely for snorkelling – no waves worth catching.



Boy Jumping from rock Port Kembla Beach

Boys launching from rock.

The crowd was finding their way to the elevated rock platform in the ocean from where they would jump, dive and somersault off into the safe green water. So exciting especially when you consider the absolute dearth of diving boards or their like that are to be had any where these days - and why is this? I would object if I could.

So I climbed onto this rock and jumped right in – so good and from there it was easy to don the mask and flippers.
There I was gliding around, no fear, flying on top of the water entranced by the bigger fish hugging the bottom and the smaller ones occupying the top of the water. All of them smart enough to maintain their personal space from me and my camera. I’m so much more comfortable now, the only symptom of fear being the strained neck I get from trying to look up and ahead (that’s vigilance) the only relaxing position is to examine what’s underneath.

Two Boys Swimming Port Kembla Beach

Looks like fun!





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