My Surfers Paradise


Thought it best to introduce myself. My name is G and I live on the 17th floor of a beachfront block in Surfers.

From our little 2 bedroom unit we have spectacular views all the way to Coolangatta to the South, panoramic Pacific Ocean views to the North with sweeping views of Surfers Paradise including the Hinterland and mountains to the west,  as well as the Nerang River with its sundry bull sharks.

During we whaling season we were thrilled to witness these huge creatures breech the water and playfully frolic.. Often we witness schools of dolphins competing with our local surf board riders coming in on waves. Yes dolphins love surfing! 

To be truthful I was originally tentative about buying and into a global tourist mecca and living in a building dedicated to hotel style management. There are 108 units in the building with 25 owner occupiers. For myself, living the past 10 years in Wollongong in my own free standing home with garden and ocean views unit, living has been a bit of a culture shock. One gets into the lift only to rub shoulders with a variety of holiday makers never seen before and never to be seen again. i have my own small business so am always in work mode and amounts everyone else who are clearly relaxed switched off and in holiday mode. I do find the lift interactions a bit awkward whereas others would be quite comfortable. So I hit on the idea of not using the lift and climbing the stairs instead.
Health has improved dramatically. Never thought I'd be regularly climbing 18 flights (17 flights plus podium level)  of stairs at my age.

The noise from the nightclub zone at street level around 4am gets a bit loud and there is a groaning moaning howling animal let loose to roam the streets presumably gobbling up young ladies from the loud shrieks, curses and cries by the sound of it all. Very glad I don't live on a low floor. Then there is this motor cycle guy who can't afford a muffler for his bike, he circles the block in the wee quiet hours and the noise is truly hideous. Yes Surfers can be a very basic town.Not for everyone!