Giant Trance Advanced is able to crush some XC riding then go head-to-head with Enduro bikes

It is a serious business writing a review for any retail experience and I feel it is always best to report on positive outcomes. But it ain't going to happen Giant Bicycles Southport.

I purchased a $750 bike and explained that I had little experience. Asked for the seat to be adjusted a little higher and then in a wobbly fashion cycled away full of trepidation concerning my safety - I am 70 years of age.

My feeling at the time of purchase is that they weren't at all concerned with selling me an appropriate bike. Everything was a bit rushed and bustled. And I was allowed to cycle away with the seat set far to high for my safety. Toes could barely reach the ground.

The inevitable happened and I took a frightening spill simply because I was unable to get my foot to the ground.Truly lucky I wasn't killed, bounced of a vehicle and lost a bit of skin. Lots of blood but no serious damage. Very shaken. Bike unscathed apart from a broken bell.

I really wasn't happy with the service which was ego driven and smelled strongly of competitive testosterone.

Went back in today for its first service and was left standing at the counter feeling like a goose I'm 192 cm and not accustomed to feeling invisible. I finally put my hand up for attention which was given most impatiently, off-handedly and hurriedly. Not quite rude but near enough. The  tone got more polite and attentive when I mentioned buying a new bike for my partner.

No way mate. I'll pick my serviced bike up this arvo and cycle over to and check out Southport Bike shop.

Also must remember to cancel my order with Giant for the expensive bike lock and gloves.

Not Yuppie enough for you perhaps Giant? 

Truthfully I reckon Giant bikes are excellent but for average Joe mugs like myself the service was elitist and most unwelcoming - even with a wallet full of money coupled a willingness to spend it.

Its called 'voting with your feet' folks.

A bit about Giant

Who is Giant?

Giant Bicycles is a Taiwanese bicycle and equipment manufacturer founded in 1972 by businessman King Liu and several friends.Giant started out as an original equipment manufacturer, producing bicycles to be sold under other brand names like Schwinn.

The first Giant-branded bikes came onto the market in 1981, first in Taiwan and then in Europe, North America and elsewhere around the globe.Giant went on to create iconic models like the Cadex 980 road bike in 1987 — regarded by many as the world's first affordable carbon fibre road bike — and the ATX One DH downhill bike in the late 1990s, which paired distinctive looks with 8 inches of suspension travel via a simple single-pivot design, a short wheelbase and World Champs-winning potential.

Other innovations have included what Giant calls the Compact Road design (late nineties), which combined a sloping top tube with a smaller rear triangle to create a lighter, stiffer and more responsive frame, and OverDrive tapered head tubes (2006), for more torsional steering stiffness.

What Giant bikes are there?

Naturally, Giant has a gargantuan selection of road bikes, mountain bikes, cyclocross and gravel bikes, hybrids and e-bikes to choose from.

There’s even a separate range of women’s bikes sold under the Liv brand name (check out our Liv Bikes page for more info).

It’s a huge range, it really is, so let’s try to break it down for you…Giant’s road bike range consists of aero race bikes like the Propel, lightweight race bikes like the TCR Advanced, endurance-focused models like the Defy Advanced, entry-level all-rounders like the Contend, and triathlon-TT models like the Trinity Advanced.

There’s also a selection of drop bar gravel bikes including the alloy-framed Revolt and AnyRoad models, and versatile cyclocross models like the TCX Advanced.

If you’re up for some adventure or touring but want flat bars, consider the ToughRoad range, which comes with custom front and rear pannier racks.Giant's Trance Advanced is able to crush some XC riding then go head-to-head with enduro bikes

Mountain bikers have a similarly expansive number of options: competitive cross-country riders will be interested in the Anthem full-suspension XC models and XTC hardtails, while trail riders will want to look at the Trance and Stance lines of full-suspension bikes or the Fathom hardtails.

Finally, downhillers have the choice of Reign and Glory bikes.Check out our Giant mountain bike reviews to find the right one for you.

Giant’s also going all-in with e-bikes. There’s the Quick-E+ mobility bike for commuters (top speed 28mph!), the Road-E+ road bike that our tester said made him feel “like a god” on Austria’s Kitzbüheler Horn, the Dirt-E+ hardtail mountain bike and the Full-E+ full-suspension mountain bike.

Finally, don’t overlook Giant’s hybrid and city bikes. These include the Escape flat bar bike that can do a bit of everything, the more speed-focused Rapid and FastRoad models, and Giant’s folding bike the Expressway, which comes with full mudguards and a rear pannier rack.Does Giant make anything besides bikes?Yes it does.

There’s an extensive range of Giant-branded clothing, components and accessories, including saddle bags, bottle cages, bike computers, lights, locks, bib shorts, shoes, gloveshelmets and hydration packs. Oh, and bike bells.Where are Giant bikes available?Giant goes the traditional retail route of selling its bikes via bike shops around the world — more than 12,000 retailers worldwide, in fact. There’s bound to be one within reach, no matter where you live.